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The Rivalry between Germany and Britain Essay -- Papers world war one

The Rivalry mingled with Germany and BritainThe send out cause of the First World War, the spark that set it off in other words, was the assassination of the Austrian archduke Francis Ferdinand, who was heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and his wife by a Serbian student in Sarajevo in June 1914. A calendar month later Austria declared state of war against Serbia. This local warfare brought Russia, Germany and France straight into fight, and in the end got other atomic number 63an Powers such as Britain, and even lacquer and America involved thus became a world wide arm conflict. There are many arguments that have been made among historians about thousand of such war. So many theories have been found, and discussed for decades. Yet the controversy has non seen its end and is still growing. Imperialism, militarism, rise of nationalism, and the alliance systems are often named as the study causes. However, when historians come to discuss militarism on this subject, their theme tends to be establish around whether or not a sense of rivalry between Germany and Britain was one of the primary causes. The purpose of this paper is answering the essay drumhead above by examining the Anglo-German relations before 1914, and its signifi rousece on blast of the war. Before start, it should be made clear what it is meant by the words major cause in the title above. Examiners use of the word major can be vague. Does she mean the major cause as the factor that has figure and decisive impact upon the incident? If so, the answer to this question is no. The war did not arise originally from between Germany and Britain, and reason for them to join the war, on the surface, appeared to be alliances with the other countries involved. Yet, there is other interpretat... ...y of Europe 1815-1914. Second Edition. Longman throng Limited.Berghahn, V.R.1987. Modern Germany, Society, economy and politics in the twentieth Century. Second Edition. Cambridge University Press.Joll, James. 1990.Europe Since 1870, An International History. Forth Edition. Penguin. Larr, Jon. An Overview of World War 1. http//, G.1995. access to memorial, From BISMARCK to HITLER GERMANY 1890-1933. Hodder & Stoughton.Roberts, J.M.1989. Europe 1880-1945, A General History of Europe. Second Edition. Addison Wesley Longman Limited.Wolfson, R. and Laver, J. 1996. historic period of Change, Europe 1890-1945. Second Edition. Hodder & Stoughton.

Matrix Review :: essays research papers

The MatrixAction / Sci-Fi (US) 1999 Rated R 135 transactions CastKeanu Reeves Thomas "Neo" AndersonLaurence Fishburne MorpheusCarrie-Anne Moss TrinityJoe Pantoliano CypherHugo Weaving constituent Smith Produced by Bruce Ber humanness, Dan Cracchiolo, Andrew Mason, Barrie M. Osborne, Joel Silver, Erwin Stoff, Andy Wachowski and Larry WachowskiDirected and directed by Andy and Larry WachowskiKeanu Reeves as a martial-arts master and savior of the earth? Laurence Fishburne as his mentor? The world as we know it does not even exist? Surely, you piece of tailt be serious.Welcome to the entrancing and confusing world of "The Matrix."In this sci-fi thriller, Reeves stars as Neo, a reckoner softw be engineer by day and cyber-hacker by night.Out of nowhere, he is contacted by a group of super hackers who tell him that his life is in danger and his whole hope is to trust them. The groups leader, a quiet but confident man kn make as Morpheus (Fishburne) tells Neo that he is the one chosen to hold on the world and that the "Matrix is the wool that has pulled over your eyes - that you are a slave."Neo is the worlds merely hope. In a nutshell, Morpheus explains that computers developed on their own and won a brutal war against man. So the computers made a program to put all of the slaves back in the past, which is our present day. He tells Neo that he can chose either to live now or to see what the world is truly like. Neo chooses the latter, and the trip down the lapin hole begins as does the vie for the salvation of humanity.But the battle essential be fought out in The Matrix, not the real world, where computer sentinels are seemingly invincible and where the laws of physics can not only be bent, they can be tossed right out the window. With that kind of freedom, characters can run up the sides of walls, leap incredible distances, dodge bullets, and with the help of Hong Kong stunt specialist Yuen Wo Ping, pull off some of the most impr essive kung fu fight sequences ever filmed.Slow-motion film sequences, some shot at the rate of 12,000 frames per second, spare the filmmakers to manipulate the on-screen action much like in the Gap commercials where the dancers are frozen and the camera angle shifts around them. Andrew Mason lends the film the aforementioned(prenominal) look he gave Dark City, only this time the good guys go in black and everyone else is either a sentinel or prime provender for target practice.

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The Vietnamese American 1.5 generation Stories of war, Revolution, Flig

When we talk about the Vietnamese, most people will conceive them as refugees because of their history. The book The Vietnamese American 1.5 generation Stories of war, Revolution, Flight, and New Beginnings by Sucheng Chan described the history of Vietnam the Vietnamese refugees experiences and deplorables they had foregone through while on boat to go out of Vietnam, and their settlements outside of Vietnam. The Vietnamese as refugees who had gone through many hardships while escaping to other countries. Vietnam had to fight for its independence from lacquer and French. It made them suffered more when they had to fight against their own people during the Civil War. By trying to defy its independence, Ho Chi Minh started the revolution in the northwestward to fight with invaders, and fought with the South people who was supported by the joined States to lastly took over the South and make Vietnam a Communist state this accomplished war caused many Vietnamese suffered because th ey had to fight with their own people in the war and became the refugees to leave Vietnam to seek for freedoms after the Fall of Saigon. The book is split up into two sections. The first section is about the history of Vietnam and the Vietnamese refugees experiences and contrasting reasons they travel to America or other countries. In the early date of the history, Vietnam was influenced by China that the emperor was in control of ruling the dynasties. The French went to Vietnam in 1614 to try to colonize and cultivate the Vietnamese to promote Catholicism. French forced Vietnam to sign The Treaty of Saigon in 1862 to cede Saigon to French. Under Frenchs control and suppression, the Vietnamese wanted to start the movement of anti-French and declare its independence. To fig... discriminations in school because Chinas power is increasing. Not alike(p) Vietnam in 1970s, it has been 30 years after I came here because a lot of things are different nowadays. As refugees in Ame rica, Vietnamese experienced many difficulties adopting the American culture. They came from Asia where there is complete different culture from the United States. They had to change their life styles and believe. In order to fit into the American culture, they shake up to start everything newly again and abundant everything they had in Vietnam. They were still be discriminated at even though they tried to assimilate fully. They did not cause to experience this if there were no wars in Vietnam. The war only gave them suffering and nothing else. Especially, when there is a Civil War when people break to fight with their own people. Therefore, peace is important to people.

Gender: Feminism and Masculinity Essay -- essays research papers fc

In a recent meta-analysis by Kite and Whitley in 1996, it was confirmed that men stock more negative attitudes toward homoeroticism than do women. They overly determined that mens attitudes toward homosexuality argon particularly negative when the person being rated is a brisk man rather than a lesbian. Their review of the literature also highlighted the complex nature of attitudes toward homosexuality noted by others. In put up to understand the constructive attitudes of homosexuality, there are several factors that include touchs that gay people are threatening or dangerous, etc. I reviewed Millham, San Miguel, & Kellogg, 1976 Plasek & Allard, 1984. These complexities, and how they bias sex differences in attitudes toward homosexuality, remain largely unexplored. The present research examines dickens issues (1) whether sex differences in attitudes toward homosexuality vary by attitude parting and (2) whether, within each component, the sex of the person being rated influe nces these attitudes. Kite and Whitleys (1996) run through reviewed data that heterosexuals evaluations of gay men and lesbians are influenced by a extrapolate gender belief system. According to this model, we as humans have already have characterized gender reflect the belief that gender-associated attri barelyes are bipolar What is mannish is not maidenly and vice versa. We also tend to possess stereotypically virile physical characteristics and to adopt stereotypically masculine roles. Similarly, the knowledge that a person is stereotypically female on one dimension leads to the inference that the person is stereotypically feminine on other dimensions I think that as a society, our beliefs about homosexuality are influenced by a gender belief system. Men are in stereotypically feminine terms are more likely to be judged homosexual than are men described in stereotypically masculine terms. At a lesser note, women are described too as sterotypes in masculine terms and are jud ged lesbian than women described in stereotypically feminine terms In some gender-based judgments of gay people reflect the belief that male homosexuals are equal to female heterosexuals and that female homosexuals are similar to male heterosexuals (e.g., Kite & Deaux, 1987 Storms, Stivers, Lambers, & Hill, 1981). As Kite (1994) has argued, separating gender-role beliefs from attitudes toward homose... ...not want their tough side of meat invaded they way I see it. This was a tought subject to write about, but I felt that the issue of gender with being Gay and lesbian needed to be written. Works CitedBatson & Burris, 1994 Herek, 1988Esses, Haddock, & Zanna, 1993http//, 1986bhttp// & Deaux, 1987 Storms, Stivers, Lambers, & Hill, 1981http// back & Whitley, 1997http// flirt=Kite and html/poq_2002.pdfMillham, San Miguel, & Kellogg, 1976 Plasek & Allard, 1984http//, 1987

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General Othello in Othello Essay -- Othello essays

William Shakespeare gave us a most moving drama in Othello. In this play we witness the demise of a paragon of a wife and a valiant bind, Othello. permit us consider the Moor in detail, with professional critical input, in this essay. From the text of the play a number of clues batch be gleaned which round out the description of the general. In William Shakespeare The Tragedies, Paul A. Jorgensen describes the general in Othello Though scarcely the barbarian (1.3.353) he is called, the Moor is emphatically black, probably rough, even fearsome, in appearance, and a contrasted mercenary from Mauritania in refined Venice. Though of royal blood, since the age of vii he had a restrictive, painful life, being sold into slavery and consumption most of his life in the tented field (1.3.85). His occupation (3.3.357), to a distri providedor point found in no other Shakespearean hero, is war. He can therefore speak of the great world little more than pertains to feats of animosity an d battle (1.3.87). But that he loves the gentle Desdemona, he would to have pre pattern up a life of unsettled war and his unhoused free condition / For the seas worth (1.2.26-27). (58) The first appearance of the protagonist is in Act 1 Scene2, where Iago is pathologically lying about Brabantio and himself and the ancients relations with the general and about everything in general. Othello responds very coolly and confidently to the pressing issue of Brabantios mob coming after him Let him do his spite. / My services which I have done the signiory / Shall out-tongue his complaints. However, Cassios society approaches first, with a demand for the generals haste-post-haste appearance before the Venetian council due to the Turkish attempt on Cyp... ... rises to the occasion and refutes the lies of her husband at the price of her life. Her martyr-like example inspires Othello to sacrifice his life next to the corpse of Desdemona for he Like the base Judean, threw a pearl away / R icher than all his federation of tribes . . . . He dies a noble death, just as he has lived a noble life. Michael Cassios evaluation of his end is our evaluation This did I fear, but thought he had no weapon / For he was great of heart. whole caboodle CITED Shakespeare, William. Othello. In The Electric Shakespeare. Princeton University. 1996. http// No line nos. Coles, Blanche. Shakespeares Four Giants. Rindge, brisk Hampshire Richard Smith Publisher, 1957. Jorgensen, Paul A. William Shakespeare The Tragedies. Boston Twayne Publishers, 1985.

Korean Dramadance :: essays papers

Korean Drama springChina, Korea, and Japan have been historically close for centuries, gum olibanum accounting for their numerous common artistic traditions. From pre-Christian times until the 8th and 9th speed of light AD, the great trade routes crossed from the Middle East through primordial Asia into China. Hinduism, Buddhism, any(prenominal) knowledge of ancient Greek, and much knowledge of Indian liberal arts entered into China, and thence in time into Korea and Japan. Perhaps before Christ, the Central Asiatic art of manipulating hand puppets was carried to China. For more than 700 years, until 668, in the kingdom of Koguryo, embracing northern Korea and Manchuria, butterfly music and dances from Central Asia, from Han China, from Manchuria, and from Korea, called chiso and kajiso, were performed. Many of the dances were masked all were dread as befit serious courtroom art. They were taken to the Japanese court in Nara about the 7th century. Called bugaku in Japan, they have been preserved for 12 centuries and can still be seen performed at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, though they have long since died out in China and Korea. In Koguryos neighbouring kingdom of Paekche, a form of Buddhist masked dance tamper was performed at court, and, in the 7th century, it too was taken to the Japanese court at Nara by a Korean performer, Mimaji, who had learned the dances while staying at the southern Chinese court of Wu-hou. Called kiak in Korea and gigaku in Japan, the Aryan features of some of its masks clearly indicate Indian (or Central Asian) influence. Such complicated genealogies ar common in East Asian performing arts.Korean shimmer has its origins in prehistoric religious rites, while music and dance roleplay an integral role in all traditional theatrical performances. A good example of this classical theatrical form is the masked dance called sandaenori or talchum, a combination of dance, song and story punctuated with satire and humor. pretty varying from one region to another in terms of style, colloquy and costume, it enjoyed remarkable popularity among rural people until the early 20th century.Pansori, the lengthy narrative songs based on popular tales, and Kkokdugaksinoreum or puppet plays, performed by floater artists, also drew large audiences. The shamanistic rituals known as gut were another form of religious theater that appealed to the general public. All these performances atomic number 18 seldom presented today. There are a few institutions that offer divers(a) performing arts in one place, an example of this being Jeong-dong playing area in central Seoul, that presents a traditional performing arts series, gambol and music.

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Teen People Magazine Essay -- BTEC Business Marketing GCSE Coursework

teenaged People MagazineThe teenage People, family line edition, is a magazine designed to appeal to young female ratifiers. Its content features thoroughly known celebrities, use of bright and flashy colors, and an organized layout that attracts an upbeat, young readership elicit in high-quality appearance and style. Although the magazines main focus may appear to insure a great fashion sense, it also concentrates on a philosophical orientation by covering a more(prenominal) diverse readership that includes all colors, sizes, and shapes of females. Teen People also expands its audience by recognizing both ocular and text oriented audiences. To appeal to the more visual oriented audience, the magazine uses exotic photography in the publicizings for Self Esteem, closed book Deodorant, and Ralph Lauren. For the more text oriented audience, the magazine includes celebrity profiles on Ruben Studdard as well as both Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Whether the audience is visua l or text oriented, Teen Peoples main objective is to take a shit an animated and enjoyable magazine for young female readers. The elevatement for the array line Self Esteem uses an imaginative idea of a tender butterfly to catch the eye of its visual oriented viewers (117). The advertisement pictures a young Mediterranean female with butterfly wings tie to her back. She is dressed in casual attire with green cargo knickerbockers and a simple khaki colored shirt. The unusual depiction and prize in clothing may insinuate that an athletic female reader can effectively express herself by dressing comfortably in Self Esteem clothing wear. The smile and happy indication illustrates that liberty of originality leads to eternal happiness. Self Esteem places the young female in the center of... ...emales tend to desire. Self Esteem uses a deeper level of thinking to gift beauty. Secret Deodorant tends to advertise angelic beauty, whereas companies such as Ralph Lauren advertise n atural beauty. Although both articles use big celebrities to attract their readers, they tend to dissent in who is attracted and why they are attracted to the article. Whatever the approach may be, Teen People Magazine accurately appeals to all types of people who desire a good style sense, information on their favorite celebrities, and overall beauty. full treatment CitedRalph Lauren advertisement. Teen People. September 2005 51.Ruben Studdard Article. Teen People. September 2005 176.Secret Deodorant advertisement. Teen People. September 2005 64.Self Esteem advertisement. Teen People. September 2005 117.Theyve Got Game. Teen People. September 2005 190.