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10/20/2009 Bartleby the Scrivener Herman Milville there are quite a a few different interpretations of the story Bartleby the Scrivener. Bartlebys grapheme is portrayed in different pieces of writing from terms to sententious stories with every different interpretations of the story. Bartley is described as neurotic, manic depressive, and sick; til now other writers are claiming he is one who suffers rejection and frenzy from tacking on account of his independence. Which interpretation of Bartleby seems to fit the around? I believe that Bartleby acts the way he does because he has no interaction with others. He keeps to himself and lives in a world of lonesomeness because this is the support he created for himself. Bartleby has been compared to a figure that is beyond above him by Donald M. Fiene in his canvass Bartleby the Christ, this mighty figure is the Nazarene Christ. The essay states that Bartleby is a Christ figure because his death comes from the att orneys failure to try and reach Christian kind-heartedness to him. I completely disagree because it is not the attorneys line of descent to try and reach out to Bartleby. The lawyer entirely see Bartleby as an employee, as how he should have. The lawyer had no suit to show pity or self-reproof to Bartleby since he was only working for him.
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I agree with the compare that Bartleby is somewhat same the character Melville in David Kuebrichs article Melvilles article of faith of Assumptions. Both Melville and Bartleby were an outcast in society. One difference was that Bartleby became mentally and socially paraly zed, but Melville did not. Bartlebys feeling! s about society neer got into such depth as Melvilles feelings did. Melville had at least a little deed of hope, but Bartleby showed none. Bartleby is a missed soul who does not dwell what he wants in this world. The lawyer was not there to be Bartlebys guide. The lawyer gave Bartleby a job and expected him to do what was asked, although Bartleby did not do so. Theres only so much a...If you want to form a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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